21 August 2015

Finland has finished destroying its stockpile of antipersonnel mines! The announcement was made on 18 August 2015 by the Finnish Defence Forces.

The ICBL welcomes this announcement and is pleased to note that Finland complied with its Mine Ban Treaty obligation ahead of the mandatory deadline.

In 2010, information from the Ministry for Defence was released revealing for the first time the size and composition of Finland’s stockpile of antipersonnel mines. This total was reaffirmed in mid-2012 when Finland disclosed that it stockpiled 1,029,763 antipersonnel mines, comprising 801,618 Sakaramiina 65-98 blast mines as well as 228,145 Putkimiina 43-86 and Putkimiina 68-95 stake mines.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs estimated the cost of the stockpile destruction at approximately €220,000.

Finland has declared retaining 16,500 antipersonnel mines for training and research purposes, a larger number than any other State Party to the Mine Ban Treaty. Finland must report each year on how it consumes the mines for permitted purposes.

Finland became a State Party to the Mine Ban Treaty on 1 July 2012. There are no existing minefields in Finland, and the country provides millions of Euros to global demining efforts each year.