22-24 June, Geneva, Switzerland (virtual)



2021 MBT Coordinating Committeex650  2021 Mine Ban Treaty Coordinating Committee

The Mine Ban Treaty 2021 Intersessional Meeting take place June 22-24. The meetings will be conducted online this year in light of COVID-19 response measures.

The Intersessional Meetings - one of two official Meetings of States Parties this year - are an opportunity for States and civil society partners to assess progress on the Oslo Action Plan, adopted at the November 2019 Fourth Review Conference on a Mine Free World.  

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Read the discussion paper "Completion in 2025? 2030? In our lifetime? and analysis of extenstion requests 2009-2020.

Extension Requests in Pictures - see our graphic explainers here

 Extension Request Comments


Mine Ban IM 21 Ext . Requests 

ICBL Thematic Statements

See the statement by the Explosiive Ordnance Risk Education Advisory Group here