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We request that you contact us to make sure you have our permission to use any image on the ICBL website or on ICBL's Flickr. Please tell us which image you would like to use and for what purpose. If you require the image for use in a publication, please send ICBL a copy of the publication once it is complete.

Photos and other images on the ICBL website and ICBL's Flickr are generally free for use by ICBL-CMC national campaigns and non-profit organizations working in full support of the ban on antipersonnel landmines and the ban on cluster munitions, as long as the photographer is fully credited and ICBL is credited by listing the ICBL website link ( However, some of our photos are used for special purposes, such as the Landmine Monitor Report cover photos, and since they are strongly associated with those reports and for one time use only, these photos cannot be used for other purposes.


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For the Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor section a separate copyright policy is applied: Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor Copyright Policy

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