27 July 2015

Maputo Review Conference - One Year On

Manual Demining Tamar Gabelnick

(c) Tamar Gabelnick

States have committed to complete the task of ridding the world of antipersonnel mines. They have committed to ensure the rights of victims of landmines are respected in a sustainable manner. The 2014-2019 Maputo Action Plan encompasses those commitments and provides a detailed roadmap towards finishing the job!

One year after the Maputo Review Conference, the ICBL encourages States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty to:

We also call for an immediate halt to the use of antipersonnel mines, anywhere, and for states still outside the Mine Ban Treaty to join without delay.

ICBL members worldwide strongly believe that all States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty can fulfill their major treaty obligations no later than 2025!

For more information on progress made in a specific state, consult the Landmine Monitor.