01 March 2016

Finish the Job by 2025

1 March 2016 marks 17 years since the Mine Ban Treaty entered into force!  

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There are so many remarkable reasons to celebrate the anniversary of this Treaty. Including the fact that more than 80% of the world’scountries outlawed landmines by joining the global ban. The number of new casualties caused by landmines and similar devices each year has dropped dramatically to fewer than 3,800 recorded cases, in comparison to over 20,000 at the beginning of 1990s. The global norm established by the Treaty has saved countless lives and limbs across the globe, including in countries that have not joined the ban yet. With the Mine Ban Treaty’s far-reaching impact which began immediately and has been long-lasting, nearly 30 affected countries have become free from scourge of landmines, more than 49 million stockpiled landmines have been destroyed and the stigma on the landmines continues to hold strong.

But the job is not done yet. Every day some 10 people are still killed or maimed by landmines or explosive remnants of war. 35 countries have yet to join the global ban. Landmines are still being used in several places, including by the governments of Myanmar, North Korea and Syria in 2014 and 2015. And people in sixty states and areas are still being threatened by the presence of landmines or explosive remnants of war.

We call on international community, and in particular on States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty, to stay strongly committed finish the job by 2025. Every country must work together to achieve that goal- whether it’s through clearance, ensuring sustainable support to mine victims or contributing resources- financial or technical- to support the efforts of others. The ICBL will continue to work hand in hand with members of the Treaty until the job gets done!