05 March 2019

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Human Rights Council – 40th Regular session

Palais des Nations, Geneva,

Tuesday, 5th March 2019

International Campaign to Ban Landmines - Cluster Munition Coalition (ICBL-CMC)


Thank you Mr President,

The ICBL’s Landmine Monitor documented for the second consecutive year the most annual child casualties of mine and unexploded ordnance recorded in our 20 years of research.[1] Children make up almost half of all civilian casualties of these weapons.

In 2018 mines continued to cause numerous casualties in Afghanistan. The UN mission in Afghanistan reported for example, how a boy grazing cattle stepped on an improvised landmine, killing him and injuring two other boys.[2] In Ukraine, where the UN estimated 220,000 children are at risk from mines and UXO causing one casualty a week,[3] three boys playing in an empty house were killed by a landmine.[4] In one area of Yemen MSF provided emergency surgery to 150 survivors in late 2018, one-third were children.[5] These are just a few examples from conflict-affected States where landmines are banned, among some 40 countries where children are victims of these weapons.

Mr. President, landmines are causing grave violations, killing and maiming children in their everyday activities and during rare moments of play during armed conflict. Increased prevention and assistance efforts are needed, together with adherence to the ban.

Thank you.

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PDF here 

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