12 February 2021

ICBL members joined the Mine Ban Treaty Implementation Support Unit, Organization of American States, and the European Union, 10-11 February, along with representatives from Ecuador and Peru, to discuss steps towards achieving the mine free 2025 goal in the Americas. The dialogue featured presentations by the two countries on their successful binational demining operations, and highlighted Chile's recent experience in completing mine clearance obligations under the Mine Ban Treaty, as well as new challenges posed by the use of improvised mines in Colombia.

ICBL members including the Colombian Campaign to Ban Landmiines and the Network for Human Security in Latin America and the Caribbean, shared ICBL's work towards a miine free Americas, while El Salvador Survivor Network Foundatiion member and Victim Assistance Specialist, Jésus Martinez, called on states to guarantee survivor rights and access to services, even as countries complete mine clearance on their territories.

See more takeaways from the dialogue here