ICBL News - November 2007

Welcome to the November 2007 issue of ICBL news! Contents include an editorial by Nobel Laureate Jody Williams; articles on: universalization of the Mine Ban Treaty in the Middle East and North Africa, Handicap International's programme of survivor advocates for a ban on cluster munitions, engaging non-state armed groups in Kashmir, and the latest issue of Landmine Monitor Report; as well as reports from activities and news in brief.

1 - EDITORIAL: “Success in Progress” Toward a Mine-Free World by Jody Williams, ICBL Ambassador
2 - UNIVERSALISATION: Focus on the Middle East and North Africa by Ayman Sorour , Protection/ICBL
3 - BAN CLUSTER MUNITIONS: Speaking Out Against Cluster Munitions by Patrizia Pompili, Handicap International
4 - NON-STATE ACTORS: Kashmir Insurgency Bans Antipersonnel Mines by Yeshua Moser-Puangsuwan, Landmine Monitor
5 - AVAILABLE NOW: Landmine Monitor 2007 Released on 12 November by Jackie Hansen, Landmine Monitor
6 - NEWS IN BRIEF: First Edition of "Cinéma Vérité" Film Festival and 10th Anniversary of the Mine Ban Treaty celebrated in Oslo.
7 - CAMPAIGN NEWS: Jordan 8MSP Update, Italy, India and Nepal, Oman and Bahrain, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain, Afghanistan.