21-25 May 2012, Geneva, Switzerland

At this year’s meetings of Intersessional Standing Committees (ISC) to the Mine Ban Treaty opened, the ICBL raised serious concerns that states were not living up to their obligations under the Treaty, threatening the global norm and impact of this unique international law.

“We are ringing alarm bells this week and reminding states that being part of this treaty comes with legal obligations that cannot be taken lightly,” said Kasia Derlicka, ICBL Director.

ICBL Daily Summaries

  • Daily summary - Monday 21 May
  • Daily summary - Tuesday 22 May
  • Daily summary - Wednesday 23 May
  • Daily summary - Thursday 24 May
  • Daily summary - Friday 25 May

ICBL Statements

  • ICBL Statement on Universalisation
  • ICBL Statement on Transparency
  • ICBL Presentation on Article 3 - Mines Retained
  • ICBL Statement on updates from States Parties that have completed implementaion of Article 5 since the 11MSP
  • ICBL Statement on Stockpile Destruction
  • ICBL Statement on Newly Discovered Mined Areas
  • ICBL Statement on the Extension Request Process
  • ICBL Comments on States Parties that Have Received Extensions under Article 5
  • ICBL Comments on Other States Parties Implementing Article 5
  • ICBL Comments and Questions on Progress Reports
  • ICBL Statement on in the Impact of Victim Assistance on the Ground
  • ICBL Statement on in the Impact of Victim Assistance on the Ground - A Survivor's View
  • Handicap International Statement on the Impact of Victim Assistance on the Ground
  • ICBL Statement on Compliance
  • ICBL Statement on Resources

Supporting documents

Download the ICBL's logistical memo (also available in French and Spanish) for more information on the registration process, sponsorship criteria and rules, the provisional schedule, the visa process, hotels, side events and further practical details.

  • ICBL Logistical Memo_Intersessional Standing Committees Meetings
  • ICBL Memo Logistique - Intersessional Standing Committees Meetings
  • ICBL Memorando - Intersessional Standing Committees Meetings
  • ICBL Side Events Form_Intersessional Standing Committees Meetings
  • Download the ICBL Action Alert in English, French and Spanish
  • Download a memo about the meetings to share with your government delegates in English, French, Spanish and Arabic