The ICBL is a global civil society coalition of hundreds of organizations working for a world without antipersonnel landmines, where the suffering cause by these weapons has ended, and where the rights of victims are upheld and realized.

ICBL in Action

Since 1992, the ICBL has been the voice of civil society in the diplomatic arena pushing for changes in government policies and practices on addressing the humanitarian suffering caused by landmines.

We seek to prevent all use, production, and trade of these antipersonnel landmines, and to ensure stockpiles are destroyed. We denounce any use of these indiscriminate weapons, and mobilize others to do so to further stigmatize them. We call for accelerated clearance of all landmines and other explosive remnants of war; and we want to see the fulfillment of victims’ rights and needs. The best way to reach these goals is to ensure the universal adherence to, and implementation of, the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty.

We inform and rally the public to act with us for a world without antipersonnel landmines, where the rights of victims are upheld. We monitor, analyze, and report on progress on the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty as well as on obligations as yet unfulfilled. ICBL members, including victims of landmines, take action in some one hundred countries. We believe in the impact of a coordinated and flexible network of NGOs with experience and passion.

The ICBL raises awareness and advocates at the national, regional, and international levels. Through its global membership the ICBL brings the reality of mine-affected communities into the diplomatic arena. We have seen the power of survivors standing up for their rights and are deeply committed to the principles of inclusion and accessibility.

ICBL campaigners around the world work in a spirit of cooperation with their governments and other partners to ensure countries join the Mine Ban Treaty and live up to the letter and spirit of the treaty. Our long-standing partnership with these actors is key to reaching full universalization and implementation of the Mine Ban Treaty.

Our network includes human rights, humanitarian, children, peace, disability, veterans, medical, mine action, development, arms control, religious, environmental, and women's groups. While our members carry their activities in a variety of ways, they regularly share political strategies, campaign activities, achievements, and ideas on how to address challenges. This exchange of information among the different countries plus the hard work of the national campaigns to ban landmines have created and maintained the momentum of the ICBL.