There is a range of great multimedia resources, which can help your advocacy efforts and provide an alternate and compelling way in which to raise awareness and communicate with your target audience.


The ICBL YouTube Channel includes a range of videos on the Mine Ban Treaty and the global campaign, as well as interviews with campaigners from around the world.

This short video depicts achievements of the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty and challenges the international community to finish the job by 2025. The video was screened at the 15th Meeting of States Parties in 2016.

See what ICBL youth are saying in their video address to states at the Third Review Conference to the Mine Ban Treaty in


Mine Ban Treaty Video

This video charts the history and process of the Mine Ban Treaty and the movement, presenting key actors, the nature of the Ottawa process and the acheivements to date. The film highlights how the treaty is the best framework to address the landmine problem. All countries must come on board the treaty and implement it - destroy all stockpiles, clear affected land and assist victims. Progress has been made, but there is still substantial work to be done.

ICBL 20th Anniversary Video

Published in 2012, this video charts 20 years of the ICBL: a campaign of ordinary people around the world that do extraordinary work in pushing for a mine-free world. The diversity, expertise, and flexibility of the IBCL's global campaign have always been its biggest asset.