Twice a year governments, the ICBL, and international organizations gather for the Meeting of States Parties and the Intersessional Meetings. During these meetings, progress in universalizing and implementing the Mine Ban Treaty is assessed, and challenges addressed. Every five years, a Review Conference is held.

UN General Assembly: First Committee Meetings and UNGA Resolution

Every year, there is a United Nations General Assembly resolution in support of the total ban on antipersonnel landmines and the Mine Ban Treaty.

The ICBL calls on states to use the UN General Assembly and its First Committee each fall in New York, to:

  • Accede to the Mine Ban Treaty at the annual UN Treaty Event. (There is only one signatory, the Marshall Islands, that still needs to ratify the treaty. Other states must adhere through the one-step accession process.)
  • Promote the universalization and implementation of the Mine Ban Treaty in statements and in one-on-one meetings, during the UNGA high-level segment and First Committee discussions on conventional weapons.
  • Vote in favour of the annual UNGA Resolution on the Mine Ban Treaty. Each year, many states not party to the treaty vote in favor of the resolution, to demonstrate their support for the humanitarian aims of the treaty.

Frequently Asked Questions on the UNGA Resolution on the Mine Ban Treaty.

Annual Resolutions

The voting record (list of states that voted in favour or abstained) is available through the UN Bibliographic Information System where you need to enter the resolution number in the field "Search by UN Resolution symbol".