Transparency Reporting

The Mine Ban Treaty requires states to report regularly on what they have done to implement the treaty, including on mine clearance, stockpile destruction, and national implementation measures. Such information enables states to showcase their accomplishments and plans and to make a case for international cooperation and assistance if needed. Reporting also strengthens the convention by showing its impact and building confidence among other states that obligations are being fully respected. States must provide a report to the UN no later than 180 days after joining the treaty, and submit annual updates on the previous calendar year (1 January–31 December) by 30 April.


on all States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty to:

  • Turn in initial reports on time 
  • Turn in detailed annual reports every year by 30 April (covering previous calendar year)
  • When preparing the report, use the Guide to Reporting adopted by States Parties in December 2015 at the 14th Meeting of States Parties 

Reports should be sent to the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs at

A database on the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs website has all past reports and shows which states still need to turn them in.